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10" Solid Brass Celtic Wall Cross

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Solid Brass Celtic Wall Cross 10"

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Brass Celtic Wall Cross

Decorate the walls of your home with the Brass Celtic Wall Cross to show your religious beliefs. Crafted entirely out of brass the Celtic Wall Cross features a Celtic cross, distinctive for the ring around the traditional Latin cross. Celtic knots, traditional adornments of Celtic crosses, are engraved into the Celtic cross and emphasize eternal life. In the center of the Brass Celtic Wall Cross are the three letter IHS, found on several Celtic crosses and which may have several meanings. It could stand for a Latin phrase meaning in this sign, thou shalt conquer, or the phrase In His Service. IHS could also represent the first three letters of the name Jesus in the Greek alphabet. Polished for a glowing finish, the Brass Celtic Wall Cross measures 10 inches tall and is suitable for hanging on a wall. The Brass Celtic Wall Cross deserves a special place in your Irish home.

Brass Celtic Wall Cross: 10 inches tall.