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10K Gold Claddagh Hoop Earrings

Irish Claddagh Hoop Earrings 10kt Gold

Item# 70493

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Imagine these attractive 10kt gold claddagh hoop earrings dangling from the ears of your loved one whispering your tender thoughts. No other symbol is as famous for the love between two people as the claddagh. Created by a kidnapped sailor from Galway upon his return when he found his love still waiting, the elements say it all. The hands represent friendship, the heart stands for love, and the crown symbolizes loyalty. All three are essential for a lasting, intimate relationship. Therefore, these gold claddagh hoop earrings are an excellent choice for any sweetheart. Measuring 3/4" in diameter, they are a medium sized expression of this enormous legend of the power of love.

Rest assured that these 10kt gold claddagh hoop earrings are authentically Irish because they are made by a Dublin-based family jewelers. Notice the fine details on the hands, cuffs, and crown as well as the secure latch on the top of the claddagh hoop earrings keeping them safely in place. A little legend goes a long way and so the deep sentiments of a heartfelt gift like these sophisticated beauties make a memory of a lifetime.

10kt gold claddagh hoop earrings; Boxed