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10kt Gold Claddagh Necklace

Two Tone Claddagh Necklace 10 kt Gold

Item# 754

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This luxurious two tone Claddagh necklace made with 10kt gold symbolizes enduring love on every level. The 10kt yellow gold stands for the masculine principle and 10kt white gold is the feminine principle. Woven together inside the arms of the Claddagh, one of Ireland's most famous legends of love, makes it a heartfelt gift. The ancient tale of love born out of Galway is embedded in the elements of this Claddagh necklace. The hands stand for friendship, the crown is loyalty and the heart represents love...a love that endured the unknown of wondering when the kidnapped sailor might return. He did and fashioned this symbol that still speaks to the hearts of modern peoples.

The 18" chain on the 3/4" diameter Claddagh necklace and is the perfect size for most teen and adult women. The weave design reflects the Celtic look that is inspired from the ancient work of early Christian monks. These weaving and endless knot designs expressed the enduring love of God. Whether for a birthday, to honor a special achievement, graduation, Christmas or for Valentine's Day, this Claddagh necklace says it all.

10kt Two Tone Claddgh Necklace: 3/4" diameter with 18" chain; Made in Ireland by Solvar