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3 Saint Golf Balls Sts Patrick, Anthony, Jude

Saint Golf Balls 3 Sts Anthony, Patrick, Jude

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Here is a delightful gift for the golfers in your life, the good ones and the ones that think they are good. This sleeve of golf balls has all the saintly help you need to get through an aggravating round of golf. If you have trouble losing your ball, try the St. Anthony ball as he is the saint of lost causes. If you need a little more good luck, use the St. Patrick ball. And if your game is really going downhill, St. Jude, the saint of lost causes, may be able to help. Each golf ball has an image of the saint and a brief saying as to what they are patron saint of and why they may be of help to you. Just hope your fellow golfers do not accuse you of having extra help on the course! Surprise a golfer and put the sleeve of balls in his Christmas sock, give them as a hint for a birthday gift or give them as a sign of encouragement to the golfer going through a tough time on the golf course. This is a fun set of golf balls sure to bring a smile to the face of the golfer who receives it.