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4-1/2" Belleek China Daisy Spill Vase

China Daisy Spill Vase 4-1/2" by Belleek

Item# 1934

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The creamy Daisy porcelain is brought to life in this stunning collection featuring a sculptural field of daisies in which the delicate green Belleek shamrocks grow. With an original Irish charm that soothes the soul, the Daisy Toy Spill Vase combines shamrocks and daisies in the creation of a timeless pattern. This lightweight vase is sure to be enjoyed for years to come and is decorative enough for the table or the shelf. Every Belleek product is truly an original piece of Irish craftsmanship, made using techniques handed down from generation to generation. Belleek has been prized by porcelain lovers all over the world and has found its way into the collections of royalty and museums. The Belleek Daisy Toy Spill Vase measures 4.5 inches tall and was made in Ireland by Belleek China. The petite Belleek Daisy Toy Spill Vase makes a great Irish gift for an Irish holiday or any birthday. B1934.

Belleek Daisy Toy Spill Vase: 4.5 inches tall, made in Ireland by Belleek China.