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6" Belleek China 'Trellis' Bowl

China Trellis Bowl 6" by Belleek

Item# 2495

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Renowned basket weaver, Michael Maguire, brought his weaving talents to Belleek Pottery in the 1880s, and thus, Belleeks Shamrock pattern was born. Because the pattern hasn't changed since, no matter how old the personal collection is; adding new pieces to it today always ensures a perfect blend. Handcrafted out of Irish clay and fired using traditional methods, this popular Belleek pattern features the emblem of Ireland: shamrocks hand-painted for a lifelike affect. The white luster of Maguire's exquisite basket-textured embossment, adorned with the lush green of shamrocks, creates a refined but distinctly Irish countryside look and feel. Every Belleek product is truly an original piece of Irish craftsmanship, made using techniques handed down from generation to generation. Belleek has been prized by porcelain lovers all over the world and has found its way into the collections of royalty and museums. The Belleek Shamrock Trellis Bowl measures 6 inches in diameter and was made in Ireland by Belleek China. The Belleek Shamrock Trellis Bowl makes a great Irish gift for an Irish holiday or any birthday. B2495.

Belleek Shamrock Trellis Bowl: 6 inches in diameter, made in Ireland by Belleek China.