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60" x 50" Irish Wool Shamrock Throw

Irish Wool Shamrock Throw 60" x 50"

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Wrap yourself in this pure wool Irish shamrock throw. Use it for cuddling on a night with just a slight chill or one in the middle of winter. Measuring approximately 50 inches x 60 inches, there's plenty of room, warmth, and Emerald Isle beauty to make this Irish shamrock throw a permanent addition to your home. The throw is knitted with the Irish cable stitch which is said to represent the ropes of fishermen. By using this knitting stitch, blessings and hopes for a fruitful 'day at sea' are bestowed upon the household.

This wool Irish shamrock throw is from Aran Craft and is very special. One can't miss Ireland's infamous symbol: the shamrock, knitted along the border in green. This contrasts beautifully with the natural color of the throw. Plus, the shamrocks are bound to bring 'the luck o' the Irish' to the owner. The shamrock has been revered since the time of the Druids and St. Patrick used it to illustrate the Holy Trinity to them. This traditional Irish shamrock throw makes a practical and heart-felt gift. It's like giving a hug when you aren't there!

Traditional Irish Shamrock Throw: 50 x 60 inches; Pure Wool; Product of Ireland