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Art of Marriage Framed Print

Framed Art of Marriage Print

Item# 32380

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There is so much more to marriage than just saying "I Do" and this lovely Art of Marriage plaque lists just a few of them in clear and encouraging statements. Indicating that "A good marriage must be created", the wedding plaque goes on to list ways in which this creation can be done including to remember to say I love you every day, stating we are never too old to hold hands and that marriage should be a combined effort to look for good and beauty. The Art of Marriage plaque measures about 11x14 inches and is framed in a lovely gold tone frame which encloses a white matte with a gold edging around the verses themselves. The creative suggestions of the Art of Marriage plaque are written in lovely black calligraphy and the picture is embellished with a beautiful decorative blue and gold toned ribbon which adds a touch of dramatic color along one side of the print. The Art of Marriage picture would be a perfect wedding or anniversary gift offering your prayers and encouragement to the married couple in this beautiful picture which could easily be displayed in any home.