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Baby Boy Wall Cross, Nickel-Plated 6 Inch

Nickel Plated Baby Boy Wall Cross 6"

Item# 30062

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Our Baptism wall cross is designed with boys in mind. A kneeling boy at the center of the Baptism wall cross subtly communicates the benefits of developing a relationship with prayer. This nickel plated Baptism wall cross is beautiful in its simplicity and adds a quiet and sacred presence to his room. Measuring 7 inches tall, the cross won't dominate the child's room, but rather compliments it. Complete with a hanging ring attached to the top of the cross, this Baptism wall cross is ready to immediately place on the wall after you secure a nail or hook.

If you need a meaningful and inspirational gift for a new baby boy, shower, Baptism, Christening, birthday, or Christmas, then our Baptism wall cross is a proven choice. It's hard to remember to pray even as an adult sometimes and growing up with this Baptism wall cross in sight everyday makes it easier to develop a practice of prayer. Incorporate 'family time' with time spent praying together or in the case of an infant, with a Baptism wall cross hanging near the crib, everyone will pray for him. For your convenience, the Baptism wall cross comes gift boxed.

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