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Barry's Gold Blend Tea - Box of 80 Tea Bags

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Barry's Gold Blend Tea - 80 Count

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Barry's is a gourmet tea imported from Ireland. The Irish drink more tea than any other nation in the world. The reason?...The Irish may just have the best tea in the world to drink! Barry's Gold Blend Tea has a refreshing taste. It's blended from the finest of tea leaves using tried and tested techniques that have been perfected after 100 years of experience. It's a full-bodied traditional Irish tea, rich in flavor and quality. Barry's Gold Blend Tea is a blend of the finest quality teas from the mountain slopes of Kenya, Rwanda, and the Assam Valley of India. It has a uniquely refreshing flavor and bright golden color. Easily our most popular tea, Barry's Gold Blend Tea is a delicious and nourishing Irish drink.

Barry's Gold Blend Teas: 80 tea bags.