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Belleek China Ring Holder

China Ring Holder by Belleek

Item# 2125

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Have you ever wondered where to keep all of you rings so that you do not lose them? Look no further than the Belleek Shamrock Ring Holder. The center of the porcelain dish comes to a rounded point, perfect for sliding your rings onto. Skilled artisans have hand-painted the green shamrocks onto the Belleek Shamrock Ring Holder. The wavy edge is reminiscent of the rolling hills of the Irish countryside and the undulating waves of the ocean around the Emerald Isle. Every Belleek product is truly an original piece of Irish craftsmanship, made using techniques handed down from generation to generation. Belleek has been prized by porcelain lovers all over the world and has found its way into the collections of royalty and museums. Made in Ireland by Belleek China, the Belleek Shamrock Ring Holder measures 2 inches tall with a diameter of 4 inches. Whether you change rings for a night out or are just washing the dishes, the Belleek Shamrock Ring Holder will simplify your life! B2125.

Belleek Shamrock Ring Holder: 2 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter, made in Ireland by Belleek China.