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Belleek Irish Flax Vase 7IN

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Irish Flax Vase 7" by Belleek

Item# N11174

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There's more to Ireland than shamrocks! Enjoy another gift of Ireland's natural beauty with this Belleek Flax vase. The new vase design honors one of Ireland's major farming industries: flax, which is used to create linen fabric. The hour glass figure shows her sophistication and elegance immediately. Hand painted violet flax flowers that grow wild amongst the hedgerows in Ireland adorn Belleek's signature creamy white Parian china. This Belleek Flax vase measures 3.5"W x 7"H and is actually made in Ireland by the Irish people. For generations, Belleek continues to produce premier pieces that are sought by world-wide collectors. Collectors include museums and even the Queen Mother of England.

Gold accents around the neck of the Belleek Flax vase add sparkled to the artful composition of the flax flowers. The surface contains long curves in addition to a repeated pattern at the neck and base. The scalloped lip is the crowning glory on the Belleek Flax vase. Perfect as a gift for your own home, a wedding, or even for a house warming celebration, Belleek is always a welcome addition to any household.

Belleek Flax Vase: 3.5"W x 7"H; Made of Parian China; Made and hand painted in Ireland

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