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Beverage Belt 6 Pack Abs

Irish 6 Pack Abs Beverage Belt

Item# A395385

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With a gold Leprechaun belt buckle shining straight from the center, this 6 pack Abs belt is a St. Patrick's Day dream come true. With 3 beverage containers on each side of the buckle, you are set for the game, party, or simply hanging with friends. Simply put your favorite soda, water, or beer in this fabric and plastic 6 pack Abs belt. The overall measurements are 36" x 5" which is designed to fit most. After March 17th, you can enjoy this outrageous belt in a wide variety of ways. That makes it the perfect purchase or gift for the "Irishman" that's full of wit and humor.

Not only is this 6 pack Abs belt perfect for party days, it makes life easy while watching sports. You don't have to miss a second of the action and it makes a fun Christmas stocking gift because it's an "over the top" expression of Irish fun. Just think, you can have a different type of beverage in each slot for a delightful beverage buffet or put a few favorites in for your friends and be the designated beverage provider. Too fun!

6 Pack Abs Belt: 36" x 5"; Made of fabric and plastic