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Brass Irish Tradition Make Up Bell w/Claddagh

Irish Make Up Brass Bell

Item# 1919

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Many cultural traditions fade away, but this innovative marriage tradition from Ireland is alive and an 'Irish Make Up Bell! That's right, the old custom is gifting a small bell to a couple getting married because hearing a bell's ring means a decisive moment is being announced and affords good luck. This high quality, solid brass Irish Make Up Bell offers the bride and groom an opportunity to ring the 4-1/2 inch high bell to break up mounting discord between them. Whomever rings the bell announces they are ready to lay the quarrel down and are absolved from having to admit fault.

The 2-1/2 inch diameter Irish Make Up Bell is designed with the Claddagh symbol inside a circle as a handle. Using the Claddagh image is highly appropriate since it was made by a Glasgow sailor that was kidnapped and taken from his love. Upon their reunion, he designed it with a heart to represent love, hands to represent friendship, and a crown to represent loyalty. These three factors build a strong relationship and using the Irish Make Up Bell allows the newlyweds to turn their discord into harmony.

Claddagh Irish Make Up Bell: 4-1/2 inches tall; Solid Brass