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Bronze Baptism Wall Cross

Baptism Wall Cross Bronze

Item# 417639

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If you are looking for a memorable gift to use for a Baptismal gift, this bronze cross will be perfect. The Baptismal cross is made in Germany, made of bronze and stands 4-1/3 inches high. The top of the Baptismal cross has an emphasized image of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist while a dove appears above the head of Jesus recalling to us the story of the Baptism of Jesus as found in the Bible. The rest of the Baptismal cross contains, in raised letters, the quote "I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" which are the words actually used when a person is baptized. The Baptismal cross can be given as a gift to the family having a baby baptized or to an adult being baptized and will be a lasting memory of your thoughts and prayers for that child or adult on their special day. The Baptismal cross comes ready to hang and comes in a gift box.