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Bronze Last Supper Plaque

Last Supper Plaque Bronze

Item# 9911363

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If you are looking for a unique portrayal of the Last Supper, this plaque is one you will be proud to display. The plaque comes from the renowned studios of Maria Laach in Germany and is made entirely of bronze. It measures 5 by 7 inches so can conveniently be hung in any room in just about any space. The plaque features the disciples gathered around the table with Jesus and includes the traditional loaf of bread and goblet of wine, portends of the use of bread and wine in the Mass today. Anguish and consternation are easily seen in the positions and design of the figures of the disciples so you get the impression that Jesus has just told them that someone would betray him. The bronze gives the Last Supper plaque a lovely gold and black contrast and those colors can be hung in rooms with any colored decor.

The Last Supper bronze plaque would be a nice gift to give for ordination, a religious jubilee, a sacramental celebration or even as a gift for a church to use in a small chapel or prayer room perhaps as a remembrance of a special occasion or special person. In presenting the consternation of the disciples so clearly, the plaque provides an excellent source for meditation as the viewer places him or herself at the table.

Last Supper Plaque Bronze 5x7IN From Maria Laach Studios in Germany