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Brown Oval Wood Bead Rosary

Brown Boxwood Rosary with Oval Beads

Item# 269

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Though simple in design you will delight in using these beads when praying The Rosary. This rosary features brown wood beads with an oval shape that are a pleasure to hold and roll in your fingers. The Rosary is one of the best loved prayers of the Catholic Church and, while the prayer is the main emphasis, using a set of rosary beads that you like and that are comfortable to use can be an important aspect of saying the prayers. The beads are smooth and oval shaped with a rich brown color and have lock links which hold the links securely inside the bead barrels. The Italian made crucifix is about 2 inches long and it and the centerpiece are made of a lovely zinc alloy. The centerpiece is a square shaped medal that has the profile of the head of Christ on one side and the traditional image of the miraculous medal featuring Mary on the other side.

Black and brown rosaries are traditionally colors that males use so this rosary would be the perfect one to give to someone completing a sacramental program like First Communion or Confirmation. It could be given for a special birthday or to a person going through the RCIA program. You or the one to whom you are giving the brown wood rosary will like the way the beads feel in your hands as you say this lovely Marian prayer recalling the events that happened in the life of her son Jesus.

Brown Wood Rosary Oval Beads Lock Links