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Celtic Cross Pendant w/Green Crystals GP 1-1/8IN

Gold Plated Celtic Cross Pendant with Green Crystals

Item# S45222

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Leave it to the Irish to come up with such a glittering Celtic cross pendant design with a shamrock in the middle! This piece is filled with emerald green and clear crystals set off by the gold plate. The Celtic cross has deep roots in Ireland's spiritual heritage and this feminine design honors it to the max. Each Celtic cross arm on this pendant has crystals set inside: the three shorter arms have two emerald crystals with a clear one in the middle and the bottom arm alternates them to have three green ones and two clear ones. Lucky for us, however, is the added surprise of the gold plated shamrock in the center of the cross.

The shamrock was honored even by Ireland's Druids and legend says that St. Patrick used the tiny plant to illustrate the trinity concept to them. Therefore, the Dublin-based jewelry company, Solvar, is proud to present this fine Celtic cross pendant. Let this unique Celtic cross design express your faith-filled heart and become a treasure in your jewelry collection. Makes a meaningful gift anytime of the year.

Celtic Cross Pendant with Shamrock: 7/8 x 3/4 inches on 18 inch Chain; Gold Plated; Made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelry

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