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Celtic Cross Pendant

Gold Plated Celtic Cross Necklace

Item# 1200

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Enjoy Ireland's rich spiritual heritage with this Celtic cross necklace. It's embodies the powerful stone Celtic crosses found all over the Emerald Isle. Modern people are still captivated by the spiritual wisdom of the ancient Celts. This Celtic cross necklace is created by an Irish-owned jeweler, Solvar, located in Dublin. Therefore, you know it is imbued with authentic Irish culture and expresses it with authority. Measuring 1" high, the handsome cross hangs on an 18" gold plated chain making it a real beauty fitting most teen and adult women.

There are many legends that attempt to explain the origins of the Celtic cross as shown on this necklace. One of the favorites is how St. Patrick created it to assist the ancient Celts in embracing Christianity. Wherever the original was birthed, it is still captivating to the spirit of humans making this Celtic cross necklace a welcome gift for any faith-filled teen or adult woman. If you haven't been to Ireland to see the original stone crosses yourself, this piece may inspire you to do so. Already seen them? Then let the memory come alive every time you wear it.

Celtic Cross Necklace: 1" high; Gold Plated; Made in Ireland by Solvar

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