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Celtic Stone Marquise Pendant

Marquise Necklace with Celtic Pattern

Item# 1258

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This pendant is designed in such a way that your eye returns to it again and again. The marquise style pendant has the elongated shape of a boat which is commonly seen in the Irish culture. The pendant features stones in shades that remind you of Ireland as you see blue stones for the ocean, green for the lovely countryside and lilac for the flowers and heather found on the hillsides throughout the country. The colored stones of the pendant are arranged in attractive groupings on the pendant around a circle and figure in the center of the pendant which symbolizes eternity. The pendant is outlined in a metal beading pattern and the openwork design of the pendant gives the pendant a light, airy and delicate appearance to which the lighter colors of the stones also contribute. This pendant is rhodium plated, measures 1-7/8 inches long and comes on an 18 inch chain making the pendant the perfect size for a woman or young lady to wear. The pendant with stones will be an elegant gift to give a mother or grandmother for a birthday or for Mother's Day while the eternal symbol in the center of the pendant makes the pendant a perfect gift to give to recognize a special relationship. The pendant with stones comes carded.