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Celtic Swirl Pendant on Black Cord Rhodium Plated

Rhodium Plated Celtic Swirl Pendant on Black Cord

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If you have done any traveling in Ireland you have probably seen the design found on this pendant in the ancient passage tombs scattered around the Irish countryside particularly at the famous passage tomb at Newgrange. The early ancient meaning of the pre-Celtic triple swirl design or triskele is unknown but later the design was interpreted by Christians to represent the Holy Trinity and also as a symbol of eternity. The swirl pendant is about 1 inch long and comes on a 21 inch black leather cord. The pendant is made of rhodium coated sterling silver so has a soft glow which will look wonderful against any color being worn. This pendant could actually be worn by both men and women as the pendant itself has a simple design and the black cord makes the pendant perfect to wear for casual occasions and is a length appropriate to both men and women. You get both an ancient and modern feeling when you wear this pendant with its pre-Celtic but simply interpreted design. If you are interested in giving a gift of jewelry this triple swirl pendant will be a gift appreciated and worn time and time again. Pendant comes packaged.

Celtic Swirl Pendant 1IN on 21IN Black Cord Gift Packaged

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