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Colorful Irish Walking Socks

Unisex Irish Walking Socks

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The changeable Emerald Isle climate inspires expert crafting of Irish walking socks. Our colorful Irish walking socks are no exception and we are confident about long term satisfaction. Made in Ireland, these quality natural woollen Irish walking socks are designed to keep toes warm in winter and cool in the summer. How? The wool/cotton are blended together with thermal fibers for extra insulation. So whether you're hiking over hills or just running around town on errands, these Irish walking socks keep your feet in luxurious comfort. The elastic top is another comfort feature not to be missed.

The colors come in an amazing variety each time a shipment arrives. That's because the ever changing colors along the landscape of Western Ireland's coast, where these handsome Irish walking socks are made. Machine wash these 50% wool and 50% thermal fiber socks with a cool rinse only. Since we can't predict the color of these Irish walking socks, we ask that you either let our Irish Blessing store angels pick for you or contact us by email or phone for available colors: or 1-800-652-9767 or 651-690-1506. Only available in size large (8.5-11.5).

Unisex Irish Walking Socks: Made in Ireland; Wool & Cotton Blend