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Connemara Marble Irish Penal Rosary One Decade

One Decade Irish Penal Rosary Connemara Marble

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The rosary was given by Our Lady in a vision in 1465 to St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican order. The rosary was given as a gift of peace, comfort and strength, as relevant today as nearly eight centuries ago. Since then Our Lady herself has repeatedly urged her children to say the rosary and promote it's message throughout the world. In the Connemara Marble Penal Rosary, the very beautiful and unusual square bead, single-decade rosary was substituted for the full length rosary beads in order to avoid detection by oppressors while in prayer during the penal period in Ireland. It is generally referred the single-decade or penal rosary because of its association with the Penal Laws of the time. The Connemara Marble Penal Rosary measures 10 inches long and is made from rare Connemara Marble, located exclusively in Ireland. Connemara Marble is sought after all over the world and is known for its green tint. The Connemara Marble Penal Rosary was made in Ireland and is a wonderful Irish gift for First Communions, Easter, and many other occasions.

Connemara Marble Penal Rosary: 10 inches long, made in Ireland.