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Connemara Marble Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life Pendant Connemara Marble

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Is anything more lovely than a tree? This rich symbol is masterfully produced by Solvar, a Dublin-based family-owned company, on this Tree of Life pendant. Made of beautiful sterling silver and authentic Connemara marble, the design is truly mesmerizing. The diameter is 3/4" and the Connemara marble creates a border while Celtic knots are the tree branches. There is a sphere in the center of the tree as a focal point. The Tree of Life pendant hangs on an 18" chain which is the length for most teen and adult women.

Aspects of ancient Celtic Ireland are embedded in the inspiration of this Tree of Life pendant. Ireland used to have forests covering it and trees supplied everything they needed such as protection, food, shelter, and medicines. With the branches reaching towards heaven and the roots connecting to earth, ancient Celtic peoples saw the tree as representing the "oneness" in all of life. Anyone with an interest in Celtic spirituality is going to be delighted to wear this Tree of Life pendant. A spirited gift for any special occasion.

Celtic Tree of Life Pendant: 3/4" diameter; 18" chain; Made of sterling silver and authentic Connemara marble; Made in Ireland by Solvar