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Daughter Please Drive Safely Guardian Angel Visor Clip

Daughter Please Drive Safely Auto Visor Clip

Item# N11664

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Staying safe on the road takes attention and help from your heavenly team. With the female guardian angel on this visor clip displaying these words, 'Daughter Drive Safe,' your message is clear! Let the guardian angel on the visor clip watch over your daughter when you can't be in the car with her. Whether your daughter is a new or well-seasoned driver, it's nice to have a concrete reminder saying, 'stay awake to possible hazards on the road' and 'I'm concerned for your safety.'

The Guardian Angel visor clip for daughters measures 2 inches and is made of solid pewter. Just clip it right to the driver's side visor in your vehicle and you're good to go! When you give this meaningful and practical gift to your daughter, she knows exactly how much you care for her and her safety. Is there a better way to convey your love to her? If you have more than one daughter or someone who is close enough to be a 'daughter' to you, the affordable price makes it gentle on the budget to purchase enough for all your precious gals.

Guardian Angel Visor Clip for Daughter: 2 inches; Made of Solid Pewter