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Flag of Ireland 3x5 Polyester

Ireland Flag 3 x 5

Item# 10508

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Show your Irish heritage and proudly fly this flag of Ireland. The flag is made of polyester and measures 3 by 5 feet. The colors on the flag are green for the Gaelic or Catholic tradition of Ireland, orange for the followers of William of Orange or the Protestant tradition and the white strip in the middle which represents a lasting truce and aspirations for peace between the two cultures. This design became the national flag of Ireland in 1919. The canvas header on the side of the flag with its brass grommets gives a sturdy and secure way to attach and hang the flag from your pole or on a wall. Since the flag is made of polyester it can be washed if you so desire to keep it clean. This is a lighter weight flag so is made to display and use indoors although it may be hung outside for short periods of time. It is not meant for long periods of outdoor use. You will delight in displaying the Irish flag in your home, in a dorm room or in any area where you wish to proudly declare your Irish heritage. For a heavier weight outdoor flag see item 95960.

Irish Flag 3x5FT Polyester With Grommets