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Flag of Ireland 3x5 Polyester

Ireland Flag 3 x 5

Item# 10508

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Proclaim you Irish heritage to all who see with this flag of Ireland waving proudly from your lawn, house, or cabin! Have an Irish beverage and watch the green, white, and orange of Ireland proudly waving in the wind. While officially the colors of the Irish flag have no meaning, urban legends have arisen that explain the reasons for the colors. One states the green stands for Catholics, orange for Protestants and white for peace between them, while another maintains that the green represents the older Gaelic traditions, the orange followers of William of Orange and the white a lasting truce between the two sides. Made from 100% lightweight polyester, the Irish flag has two eyelets and measures 3 by 5 feet. This high-quality Irish flag looks great both outdoors and indoors. The Flag of Ireland makes a wonderful Irish gift for gearing up for St. Patrick's Day!

Irish Flag - 3 by 5 feet: 2 eyelets, 100% lightweight polyester.