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Framed 8x10" Celtic Calligraphy "In Our Home..."

Framed "In Our Home" Celtic Calligraphy 8x10"

Item# 4330GGR

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Does Celtic calligraphy created with the medieval techniques of illuminated manuscripts make your heart skip a beat? Let Celtic artist Kevin Dillon's 'In Our Home' bring beauty and inspiration to your family. The breathtaking art piece requires grinding semi-precious stones to make paints and hand lettering with a dip pen or goose quill on calf skin vellum. 24K gold leaf is applied at the last. While the Celtic calligraphy print of 'In Our Home' is a high quality reproduction of the original, the artist applies his charred wax seal on each piece designed with a stylization of his initials.

The stunning art on this piece of Celtic calligraphy is framed beautifully in antique gold and has an easel back for tabletop display or a hook for hanging. Double mats in green with metallic gold set off the colors. The verse reads: 'We do grace; We do mistakes; We do real; We do sorry; We do funny; We do loud; We do hugs; We do family; We do love.' A description of the artist and his picture is included with the piece. Perfect for housewarming gifts and more!

Framed Celtic Calligraphy 'In Our Home': 8 x 10 inches; Under Glass