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Godmother Pin on Card

Gold Plated Godmother Pin with Card

Item# 67885

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If you wish to give the special person you have chosen to be godmother of your child a token of your appreciation you may wish to consider this lovely godmother pin. The godmother pin is 24k gold plated, measures about 1 inch long and can be easily attached to anything the godmother may be wearing. The godmother pin features a heart outline with a solid dove near the bottom which expresses both love and the presence of the Holy Spirit. The godmother pin comes attached to a lovely pink or mauve card which features a lacy white background giving a nice feminine touch to the card and making the gift card as special as the pin. The verse on the card with the godmother pin talks of what a blessing it is for the child to have this special person walk along with the child as they go on this spiritual journey together. To personalize the card, the back of the card also has space to put in the name of the godmother and the name of the child giving the gift along with an additional note of thanks. The godmother pin is something the godmother can wear any time she attends a special occasion involving her godchild as a reminder of how special they are to each other.