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Gold Framed/Double Matted Pope Francis Portrait

Pope Francis Gold Framed/Double Matted Print

Item# 11597

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From the first moment the public saw Pope Francis we have had an image of a humble and caring man. This portrait, while not the official one from the Vatican, gives us an example of that image of a shepherd caring for his people. The simple white robes, the hand outstretched in greeting and the charming smile all come together to give us an image of a man concerned about the people he will be guiding as head of the Catholic Church. The picture measures 12 by 15 inches and comes ready to hang. It is beautifully double matted with a deep dark blue out mat, a thin gold gilded mat around the picture itself and framed with a gold frame which complements the other gold accents in the picture. A royal blue banner across the bottom of the picture has the words "His holiness Pope Francis" also in gold gilding. The upper corner of the picture includes the papal crest which Pope Francis chose which is the same crest he used as Archbishop of Buenos Aires. On the crest you find images of the Holy Family which include a star for Mary, a nard plant for Joseph and a monogram of Christ in the center of a shining star. The miter and crossed keys were added when he became pope. Many Catholic families enjoy displaying a picture of the current pope in their homes and this picture of Pope Francis, giving the viewer the caring and compassionate image that it does, makes this picture one you will delight in displaying.

Pope Francis Print 12x15 Gold Frame Boxed