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Guinness( Baseball Cap

Guinness Baseball Cap Black with Label

Item# N12758

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Baseball caps are one of the most popular types of caps worn by men today. This Guinness® baseball cap will be one of your favorite caps to wear or give as a gift. It is black and made of 100 percent cotton. A band on the back makes the cap adjustable so almost anyone can wear it. The front of the cap features the official Guinness® English label with intricate detailed embroidery. The label features the signature of Arthur Guinness the founder of the company, the traditional Guinness® harp, the Guinness® name and company address and other information. The back of the cap has the harp and the year 1759 which was the year the company was originated.

Guinness® beer and other products have worldwide popularity and this baseball cap is another in the line of quality, functional products the company offers. The detailed embroidery of the label alone displays the company's desire to offer fine quality products. The cap will be a fun gift to give the beer drinker, Guinness® fan, or Irish family member or friend as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Guinness® Baseball Cap Black Cotton Official Guinness® English Label on Front