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Head of Christ Framed Picture by Richard Hook

Head of Christ by Richard Hook Framed Picture

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We are told "God is love" and this print exemplifies that idea perfectly. Frances Hook has given us a life-like image of the head of Christ that immediately gives the viewer a feeling of peace, serenity, love and compassion which can be seen in the face and eyes of Jesus. The head of Christ is done in soft shades of gold, yellow and brown which add to the warm tone of the picture as does the brown wood frame. The dark hair and eyes also give this image of Jesus a more Middle Eastern or Jewish appearance which is fitting since Jesus was a Jew. This friendly and loving image of Jesus will be perfect to have in a home, school room or religious education classroom especially one where you find younger children who will see a kindly, loving friend reflected in the face of this Jesus.

This Hook print gives us a loving image of the human Jesus who went through many of the same experiences we live through today and thus understands us and what we are going through and cares for us as we do so. The Head of Christ print reflects the loving and compassionate Jesus that many turn to today in times of need. The framed print comes boxed.

Head of Christ Print Frances Hook 9x11 Boxed