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Hematite Angel Bracelet

Angel Bangle Bracelet with Hematite Beads

Item# 264502

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In case your Irish luck is running a little short, why not call on the healing power from above with this hematite angel bracelet! Hematite is a grounding force when fear makes you want to fly away. But let the angels fly directly to you by wearing a dozen, richly illustrated pictures of them on the stretch bracelet. In addition to the 1/4 x 5/8 inch rectangular, illustrated hematite beads, the angel bracelet is designed with two round hematite beads strung in between them. Removing negativity is another feature of both hematite and the angelic realm, so anyone facing big challenges in life benefits from receiving a thoughtful gift like this.

Each detailed angel picture is different throughout the entire bracelet. Some are easily recognized like the famous angel watching over the children as they walk across the wooden bridge. But all the art touches the heart just like the love from above. Being inexpensive, this angel bracelet is a great selection as a remembrance gift for groups participating in spiritual minded focuses. Measuring 7 inches, the elastic in the stretch bracelet allows it to fit securely around most wrists. (Not for 3 years & under)

Hematite Angel Bracelet: 7 inches