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Indoor Snowball Fight Pail w/Plush Balls

Indoor Snowball Fight Pail with Six Plush "Snowballs"

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Bring the outdoors inside during the cold winter season and have your own indoor snowball fight. Your indoor furnishings will be safe while your children or grandchildren have fun since the snowballs being used for the indoor snowball fight are plush balls. Each indoor snowball fight set includes 6 plush "snowballs" and a pail to store them in when they are not being used. The pails hold all 6 snowballs and are adorned with little smiling snowball faces just like the ones on the snowballs themselves. When the weather outside is too cold to play outside, your children can still enjoy winter games by using the plush snowballs inside. Because the snowballs are a soft plush fabric, no harm should be done to either children or home furnishings when children have their snowball fights in the house. Buy indoor snowball fight sets with different colored pails and children will know which set they can use and which one they are responsible for putting away when they are done playing which should be easy to do since there are just the six snowballs to pick up. The indoor snowball fight does not have to be used during the winter holiday season but can actually be used all year round. As with all toys, adult supervision may be a good idea. Please indicate Red or Green Bucket Color in the box provided below.

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