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Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick

Blackthorn Walking Stick

Item# 91634

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Sourced from the forests of Ireland, these handcrafted traditional Blackthorn Walking Sticks are selected and cut from the impenetrable thickets of the Blackthorn. Handcrafted in Ireland, the root handle is carved and varnished and the vicious thorns on the shank are trimmed and rounded off. The shank of the Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick is covered in a protective coating of black enamel and the end is tipped with a copper ferrule. The Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick are not fancy canes, and are not recommended for orthopedic use. They tend to be a little crooked and knobbly, and that is what gives the Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick its distinctive character. No two canes are alike. Each is interesting an unique, designed by nature herself. Blackthorn is very hard and tough but also lightweight. Even the most slender sticks are strong and nearly unbreakable. The Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick is perfect for leisure, walking, hiking, collection, or as a decorative piece. The Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick measures approximately 38 inches long and was made in Ireland.

Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick: 38 inches long, protective coating, copper tip, lightweight.