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Irish & Celtic Jewelry

Irish jewelry is celebrated around the world because of both its beauty and its meaning. Many people wear jewelry as an expression of who they are or what they care about, which makes Irish jewelry a great choice since many pieces tell a story or represent a tradition. As you look through our extensive collection, you will find that we often include the meaning or history of a particular design, which makes selecting the perfect Celtic jewelry item all the more fun and interesting. Read up on the history of the Claddagh or check out our information on the Celtic knot; both are commonly found in jewelry pieces. Some of our jewelry is handcrafted in Ireland for an extra layer of authenticity.

Even though Irish and Celtic jewelry is often selected in reverence of the wearer's heritage, the designs are revered by the non-Irish as well. Don't hesitate to consider Irish jewelry for a wide range of recipients. Men and women alike appreciate a quality piece of Celtic jewelry. While women may be more inclined to jewelry in general, Irish jewelry is one of the most popular types for men since strong, masculine lines and finishes are common. Our men's necklaces, for example, come with a longer chain and a chunkier Irish pendant than the women's versions and rings are more substantial as well. Celtic jewelry is suitable for people of all ages. More formal Celtic jewelry is also available for those special occasions or for a special recipient, but most of our selection is great for everyday wear.
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