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Irish Kitchen Spoon Rest

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Ceramic Celtic Spoon Rest

Item# N12780

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This Irish Shamrock spoon rest is decorated with a colorful Celtic design to match many of the other items we carry to make your kitchen Irish. The Irish Shamrock spoon rest was designed in Galway Ireland in the style of 9th Century ancient Celtic manuscripts that was painted by monks onto vellum or calf skin. The beloved tiny plant has been cherished for centuries on the Emerald Isle. First by the Druids as 3 was associated with magical powers in Celtic mythology. That's why it was easy to bridge them to Christianity when St. Patrick used the 3 leaf plant to illustrate the Holy Trinity.

Measuring 9" long, the Irish Shamrock spoon rest center has a diameter of 4-5/8" big enough for any utensil from spatula to ladle. The handle arches up elegantly to support the utensil and has a ribbon hook for hanging. It is made of heat resistant and dishwasher safe ceramic. This Irish Shamrock spoon rest is a perfect gift for that special someone who is passionate about cooking. It brings a touch of that Irish magic into the kitchen where it finds a home.

Irish Shamrock Spoon Rest: 9" long; Heat resistant ceramic; Dishwasher safe