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Irish Marcasite Celtic Cross Earrings

Marcasite Celtic Cross Drop Earrings

Item# N12228

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Enjoy Victorian style beauty when you purchase these marcasite Celtic cross drop earrings. The faceted crystal of marcasite is referred to by scientists as "pyrite" and is nicknamed, "fool's gold". That's because the rich metallic luster of the pyrite crystal, when set in silver, is as sparkling as gold appears in the mines. Our Celtic cross drop earrings are authentic to look of Victorian designs the way the sterling silver is combined with the marcasite. Made for romantic, modern women of today by Solvar Jewelry in Dublin, Ireland, it carries the genuine spirit of Victorian marcasite jewelry. And why not? Classic beauty never goes out of style and we are pleased to offer you this meaningful example of Irish-made quality jewelry.

The dramatic Celtic cross drop earrings have one crystal in each arm of the cross with the bottom arm having two. Strong contrasts highlight each aspect of the Celtic cross drop earrings giving them a striking appearance with any outfit you wear. Legend says St. Patrick created the Celtic cross symbol that is found in stone all of Ireland's countryside.

Marcasite Celtic Cross Drop Earrings: 3/8 x 1-1/8 inches; Sterling Silver; Made in Ireland by Solvar Jewlery