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Irish Men's Rolled Collar Sweater

Men's Rolled Collar Sweater

Item# 55160

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If you love the traditional aspects of Irish sweaters, but want modern fit and style, then take a look at this Irish men's rolled collar sweater. Ireland's traditional knitting patterns are beautifully presented in 100% Merino wool in both natural and Army green colors. The main attraction on this Irish men's sweater is the 'V' neck rolled collar. Plus, the sweater features classic touches of yesteryear like the vintage button closure and herringbone stitch along the body and length of the arms. The overall style is for the modern man and his active lifestyle during the autumn and winter seasons.

Wool and the Irish have knitted themselves together to survive the vivacious climate of the Emerald Isle for generations. They know how to keep warm and imbue meaning into their breathtaking sweater designs. This Irish men's rolled collar sweater is patterned with the diamond stitch along the body to represent wealth and success. Whether you purchase this Irish men's rolled collar sweater for yourself or to give to a beloved man in your life, the outstanding quality, good looks, and link to Ireland is a heart-felt gift.

Irish Men's Rolled Collar Sweater: Natural & Army Green; 100% Merino Wool; Product of Ireland