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Irish Pint Glass with Shamrock Medallion

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Irish Shamrock Tulip Pint Glass

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Enjoy a pint of beer with this Shamrock Tulip Pint Glass! No matter which country you were rooting for, your family can bring home the gold with this striking Irish glassware featuring a traditional symbol of Ireland: the shamrock. The shamrock is one of the most recognized symbols of Ireland and is thought to bring good luck to those who have one. The importance of the shamrock to the Irish culture dates back to the time of St. Patrick when he used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity: three leaves in one plant. The golden medallion on the front of the Shamrock Tulip Pint Glass is made from fine pewter with a brass plated finish. The beer glass also has the word Slainte! on the front of the medallion (pronounced slon-cha and Gaelic for cheers) and a Celtic knot pattern.The Shamrock Tulip Beer Pint Glass measures 6 inches tall and is perfect for celebrating St. Patrick's Day or simply to enjoy your favorite draft.

Shamrock Tulip Pint Glass: 6 inches tall.