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Lakeshore Wholegrain Mustard with Irish Stout

Lakeshore Wholegrain Mustard with Irish Stout

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Want a real taste of Ireland? Then try this authentic Irish Lakeshore wholegrain mustard with Irish Stout. This unique flavor blend of an Irish Stout and wholegrain mustard is pungent and robustly flavored. Excellent with meats, casseroles, and sandwiches, this choice is amazing. Packaged in a 7.2 oz. glass jar, the Irish Lakeshore wholegrain mustard with Irish Stout has no preservatives. This is a tradition we can all appreciate. Prepared by hand in the village of Ballinderry each small batch serves to retain the distinctive Irish flavors. Ballinderry is located in Drogheda within County Louth north of Dublin on Ireland's eastern coastline.

Gift the Lakeshore wholegrain mustard, product of Ireland, to anyone who loves all things Irish. While you may not be able to visit the Emerald Isle as often as you wish, you'll have a real piece of her right in your own home with this Lakeshore wholegrain mustard. Ingredients include: mustard seeds (35%), water, white wine vinegar, spirit vinegar, salt sugar, Irish Stout (2%)(barley), Glucose Fructose syrup, flavoring (milk), and color (sulphite, ammonia caramel, turmeric extract. So invite your friends over for an authentic Irish experience.

Lakeshore Mustard Wholegrain with Irish Stout: 7.2 oz. jar; Made in Ireland