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Large St. Christopher Medal Necklace on 24" Chain

St. Christopher Large Medal Necklace on 24" Chain

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St. Christopher has always been one of the best loved most popular saints in the Catholic Church. Legend has it he carried a child across a lake with the child becoming heavier and heavier. When he reached the other side, the child revealed himself as Christ and told St. Christopher he had been carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. This may be why St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, porters, sailors and truck and bus drivers. This St. Christopher patron saint medal is sterling silver and about the size of a quarter. The medal features the image of St. Christopher carrying a child and has the words "Behold St. Christopher and go your way in safety" on the face of the medal. The St. Christopher medal comes on a 24 inch chain so is a perfect size for men and older boys. The St. Christopher patron saint medal would be a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for someone named Christopher, a Confirmation gift for someone who has take Christopher as his Confirmation name or even someone in the military as they perhaps go into unsafe territory. The St. Christopher medal comes in a lovely hinged gift box.