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Leather Inserts

2-Sided Leather Inserts for Celtic Bangles

Item# N15350

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These colorful, 2-sided leather inserts fit our 3/4"W x 7"L Celtic bracelets for additional fun and personal expression. While the Celtic bracelet comes with one 2-sided insert, you can purchase more to make this accessory more versatile. How do I change them? It's easy! Simply lift the current leather insert up at both ends and then align the replacement leather insert holes with the studs in the bangle. Push down to secure them. The Celtic bangle has small tabs on the sides to help hold the leather insert in place. Then you are on your way!

Please choose from the following color combinations: Dark Green and Blue, Light Green and tan, Orange and Grey, Pink and Light Blue, and White and Black. No matter which inserts you choose, the colors harmonize with either the gold plate or rhodium finishes. It is definitely a win-win no stress decision. Have fun with this latest European fashion trend and enjoy the spirit of Ireland. The 2-sided leather inserts are made in Ireland by Solvar as are the Celtic bangels. Treat yourself to a real piece of the Emerald Isle.

2-Sided Leather Inserts: 3/4"W x 7"L; Select color choice below; Made in Ireland by Solvar