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Life Compass Pendant Women/Children on 18" Chain

Women/Children Life Compass Pendant on 18" Chain

Item# 54324

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Support a member of your family or circle of friends with wisdom as they head to college, make their Confirmation, RCIA, or begin a spiritual journey. Our Life Compass™ necklace offers a tangible reminder of wisdom passed down from father to son. Inspired by a poignant letter written by a loving father for his son leaving for college, the "directions for life" are found in the initials around the edge of this Life Compass™ necklace. Instead of seeing North, South, East and West, you'll find "G, K, F, and F." The initials mean:

G: Make God a part of your daily life.

F: Stay close with your Family.

F: Seek and nurture worthy Friends.

K: Develop a passion for Knowledge.

Measuring 5/8" tall, the Life Compass™ necklace is plated in sterling silver and comes on an 18" stainless steel chain. This piece is an extremely popular piece of inspirational jewelry for young teens as a Confirmation or graduation gift. The Life Compass™ comes in a gift box making it easy for you to wrap and for them to keep in safe keeping when not being worn.

Small Life Compass™ Necklace: 5/8" tall with 18" chain; Plated in sterling silver with stainless steel chain; Gift Boxed