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Longford Make-Up Bell by Galway Crystal

Galway Crystal Make-Up Bell

Item# 24096

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The Irish culture knows about conflict and this "make up" bell is a witty solution. Especially designed for the newly married, (but any couple benefits no matter how long they' been together), the craftsmen at Galway Crystal came up with a 6" high beauty. Patterned off their popular "Longford" glass pattern, this Irish make up bell is a useful addition to any home. The story of the Irish tradition of the make up bell goes something like this: when there is a disagreement between the couple, either person can ring the bell to end the conflict and "make up" without any admission of guilt. The goal is to call a truce so to speak, make up and move on.

Let's face it, disagreements happen with any couple no matter how deep their love. The Galway Irish make up bell expedites a couple's chance to get through their conflict and remember what they love about each other. That's why, in modern times, this Irish make up bell is still relavant. Galway crystal always adds beauty to life's practical side of living. Makes a great wedding or anniversary present.

Galway Crystal Irish Make Up Bell: 6"; Legend included; Boxed