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Miraculous Medal Necklace, 20 Inch Chain

Miraculous Medal Necklace on 20" Chain

Item# 61944

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The miraculous medal is one of the most recognized of the traditional images of Mary. This miraculous medal is made of sterling silver and measures 1-1/8 inches long and comes with a 20 inch chain which is rhodium plated and is a good length for either a man or a woman. The front of the miraculous medal has the image of Mary crushing the snake representing the devil and evil in the world and has the words "O Mary without sin Pray for us who have recourse to thee" which encircle the medal. The 1830 on the front of the medal is the date Mary is said to have given the design of the medal to St. Catherine Laboure who had the mission of spreading the use of the medal to the world. The back of the medal has the traditional image of a cross sitting on an "M" which is said to represent the close connection between Mary and Jesus. The devotional miraculous medal is often worn by those who have a deep devotion to Mary as a testimony to faith and a reminder of the power of trusting prayer. Wearing the miraculous medal can be a way of reminding a person to pray for the qualities that make Mary the person she was in her life, in the life of Jesus and how we see and use these qualities today.