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Musical Standing Baby Cross

Porcelain Musical Standing Baby Cross

Item# 65487

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What better way for a child to know that Jesus loves him or her than to have the music available which says that very thing to actually play to the child? This lovely white musical God bless this child cross stands 7 inches high and is made of elegant porcelain featuring silver accents which outline the cross and is also used to write the message on the cross. The musical cross not only plays the comforting song "Jesus loves me" but also has a beautiful verse which reads "God bless this precious little one" on the front of the cross. At the foot of the musical cross you find familiar toys for children including blocks where the letters spell the word G O D. This versatile musical cross has very many uses which could include a baby shower gift, a Baptismal gift, a new baby gift or even a birthday or Christmas gift. The song "Jesus loves me" is one of the first songs little ones learn and this musical cross is a lovely way to keep the song alive to the child. Along with the many uses of the musical God Bless this child cross, the versatile cross may be displayed in a variety of ways including on a dresser, shelf, table or nightstand in the room of the child. The God bless this child musical cross comes gift boxed.