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My Take Along Bible Children's Bible with Handle

My Take Along Kids Bible with Handle

Item# 25931

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Help keep your small child interested and occupied during your church service with this My Take Along Bible. My Take Along Bible is a board book which has carefully chosen Bible stories to read to young children or to let them learn to read for themselves. Children will delight in and enjoy the poetry and rhyme used to tell the stories. The illustrations are nicely done and sure to draw the eyes of the children encouraging them to talk about the illustrations and thus making the story more meaningful. Scripture references are given for the stories and comments are made at the end of the stories which can become discussion points for parents and children. Stories included the story of Jonah and the whale, David and Goliath and the birth and resurrection of Jesus among others. The sturdy attached plastic handle makes the bible easy for a child to hold on to and carry from place to place whether to church, grandmas, or anywhere the child is traveling. A child is never too young to become familiar with the people and stories in the bible and My Take Along Bible allows your children to start learning early in life and in a fun and interesting way.

My Take Along Bible Boardbook With Carrying Handle