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Oh Ryans Irish Potatoes

Irish Candy "Oh Ryan's Irish Potatoes"

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These may look like "Irish spuds" but Oh Ryans Irish Potatoes actually are pieces of delicious candy. Each potato is made of coconut cream fondant and then rolled in cinnamon making the candy delicious to eat while giving the candy pieces the look of a potato. The candy comes in a 7 ounce box with 15 pieces of candy included in each box. The "potatoes" will be a fun and delightful treat to share with family and friends when they visit. A box of the candy would be a nice gift to give to your favorite Irish friend or relative or it could be given as a unique hostess gift when you attend seasonal parties. .

An ALLERGEN WARNING says there are no nuts in the candy but it is processed in a plant with peanuts and other nuts present. There also dairy in the candy in the form of milk and eggs. As you look forward to the holiday season you will also look forward to serving and enjoying, with your other hollday treats, this new, "Irish potato" candy.

Oh Ryans Irish Potatoes 7 Ounce Box with 15 Candy Pieces


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