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Pair of Galway Irish Crystal Champagne Flutes

Pair of Champagne Flutes - Irish Galway Crystal

Item# 72004

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Nothing communicates love more than a wedding toast made with this pair of Galway Irish Crystal Claddagh Champagne Flutes. Galway Irish Crystal ought to know since the Claddagh symbol was created by a kidnapped Galway sailor while remembering his love that was left behind. To keep her in his heart, he designed the elements of the Claddagh: the heart for love, the hands for friendship and the crown for loyalty. Lucky for us, they were reunited and their symbol of enduring love is coupled with this traditional cut pattern in the 24 percent lead crystal of each flute. Measuring 9-3/4 inches high, each Galway Irish Crystal Claddagh Champagne Flute has a 2-1/8 inch rim diameter with a base diameter of 2-3/4 inches allowing for a luxurious hand holding experience.

The sheer quality of these Irish Crystal Claddagh Champagne Flutes reveal that they are made in Ireland by craftsmen who know their business. And believe us, Galway Irish Crystal's world renowned reputation makes it a beloved brand of traditionally crafted Irish lead crystal. A heartfelt gift for a wedding, Valentine's Day, or a special birthday celebration.

Set of 2 Galway Irish Crystal Claddagh Flutes: 9-3/4 inches tall, Made in Ireland