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Paper Advent Calendar w/Nativity Stickers

Nativity Advent Calendar with Stickers 20" x 9"

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Count down the days of Advent to Christmas with this handy beautiful nativity Advent calendar. Made of durable paper stock, the nativity Advent calendar is scored to bend and stand alone displaying the nativity scene as it develops during Advent. The nativity Advent calendar comes with 25 stickers of the people and animals who were present at the nativity and one sticker is added each day until you reach Christmas at which time the nativity scene is complete. The nativity Advent calendar measures 20 by 9 inches when extended so there is plenty of room to add the stickers without crowding the people and animals in the nativity scene. The nativity Advent calendar can be a wonderful experience for children to learn about the nativity especially if the figures and the part they played in the nativity are discussed as stickers are added to the nativity scene. Give one of the Advent calendars to each child in the family and see how they each develop their nativity scene in their own personal way or get one calendar and develop the nativity scene as a family activity. The nativity Advent calendar comes packaged in a polybag.

Nativity Advent Calendar with Stickers: 20"W x 9"H

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